Thursday, July 5, 2007

When Tara was first started going into labour I was ring shopping with my aunt because wedding was soon. We had noooooooo idea what was ahead of us. That was around 8:00, and I was getting tired. There people already assembled ready at the drop of a hat just give a call be there with in 15 min.(and some were coming from Santa Cruz). Maria and Dina were both here, Dina ready with her trusty camera that video taped Tara's birth(and did a great job) and Maria was timing Tara's contractions. By now Tara was in the Aqua Dula that had been sitting in the middle of our living room for months. Maria was calling the other three midwives because my mom was having twins. Then the midwives got there and my mom friend that was pregnant at the time was there, my aunt who lives in Hawaii was there, my grandma from my moms side, and my aunt that drove from Santa Cruz to s.f. . a couple of weeks before I had started to think what if the twins had different birthdays. That almost happened my sister Ixchel was born at 12:01 and my sister Kali was born 26 minutes later. It was an amazing birth and it the first birth in my life. One of my favorite parts was when I got to touch the placenta it felt interesting, but over all it was a long and amazing birth. They are now two months and they are VERY active.

--Oscar Reyes, awesome big brother

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