Saturday, March 24, 2007

Gomeh's Birth

Gomeh's birth was a beautiful, intimate, connected and empowering experience for me. During my pregnancy, I had no idea what the birth was going to look like. I heard so many birth stories about pain and fear and how "you just have to go through it but at the end you have your baby."
However, I discovered birth could also be a wonderful experience. I felt so connected to myself, to Ido my partner, and to love itself. Yes, it was painful, I stayed with the pain, breathing, feeling my belly and my baby inside me, and letting myself remember that this is a healthy pain, a pain of opening, of bringing a new life. Gomeh was born into the water of our bath tub and Ido caught him. The intimacy of my home and the support I got from Maria, Brit my doula and Noa my friend and my community helped the birth become what I feel it should be: a safe, natural and beautiful special time of new life coming into the world. --Keren Tzarfaty, Mother of Gomeh
Birth photo by Britt Forhman,

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