Friday, February 29, 2008

Smiling Henry

Another smiling newborn!
Welcome to Henry Franklin Herring, born so peacefully and quietly
at home in the water on February 23, 2008.
He joins Dina, Jason and Pica Herring!

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Dina said...

he was born into my hand (with the help of Maria) in the birthing tub we had setup in the living room at home. I practiced hypnosis and really deep meditation to keep myself relaxed and peaceful during the experience of my labor. Things went slow at first but once I hit 6 cm I got in the tub and he was born in 20 minutes. My family quietly watched, respecting my process. I stayed calm and floated alone in the warm water as he quickly moved through me with with no real effort on my part. I never really had to push - it was awesome. I held my baby to my chest all warm and wet and purple and loved it (and so did he).