Monday, March 26, 2007

Women enjoy being in charge of their bodies & babies. Women of healthy mind & sound spirit know what is best for them. Many women find pregnancy to be an amazing opportunity to tune deeply into their body, & in turn their baby.
After 10 moons of healthful preparation, patience & purity, birth becomes the catalyst for transforming from sacred pregnant vessel to empowered mother. Natural birth, where mother is free to be guided by baby & divine spirit, to take full advantage of evolution & gravity as well as benefit from traditional woman/baby centered care & Chiropractic, she will birth with a deep sense of purpose. When all is said & done, her respect for life will be profound, will be a source of great power & deepen her ability to love & be loved.... After all is not this what the conception-breastfeeding continuum is all about?
Warmly, Earth Lande
Transforming How You See Birth

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