Haiti Blog Sept 25, 2012


Genette in San Francisco!

Well, all I can say is that we have been on the go! I keep asking Genette if she is tired and she keeps saying no, so we just keep rolling right along! On her first day, we went to our local Peer Review meeting and spent the morning listening to cases. Genette found it really interesting and said it was a good experience for her.

In the afternoon, we did a little introduction of San Francisco. We went to Dina's television station (could that not be more different than life in Hinche?), we found a local food festival where Genette tried everything from gourmet chocolates to cheeses to fish tacos to kamboucha!
We visited my daughter's school, met up with Jenni from MANA who nominated Genette for the award, and explained to Genette that she would receive the Sapling award at the conference. I'm not sure if she understands how important it is, but she'll know at the conference.

On Saturday, we had a welcome brunch for Genette and invited some of the donors, local midwives and clients of mine that are so excited she is here. Genette had crepes for the first time and really liked the sweet crepe with pumpkin butter! In the afternoon, we watched my daughter's volleyball game, went to the Pacific ocean

 and finally, a birthday party for a friend of mine that included a "variety show!" She saw tap dancing, a woman playing saxophone, an opera singer, and lots of others. We got up and sang both Dina's "Kijan ou ye" song and one of the Matron songs. I explained what they meant to my friends (about 50 people were there) and they all felt that it was meaningful and powerful to hear what the songs meant and that Genette was here with us.

So, it hasn't just been playing! On Sunday, we went to Elizabeth Davis' midwifery class. I teach phlebotomy and speak on a panel of midwives about our lives as midwives. Genette helped out with the observations of the students trying the phlebotomy and during lunch we spoke about the Midwives for Haiti program. She was on the panel with us and the students really enjoyed hearing her bio and asking her questions.

Monday morning was an observation day at my local hospital with an OB friend of mine. We are all faring well in Creole, and we are pushing Genette to practice more of her English. She understands a lot.
All in all, we are having a ball! We leave for the conference tomorrow. We have been so busy that I have had little time to post. I will update you with more later.

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