Friday, July 27, 2007


The Bay Area Homebirth Collective wins best home delivery from the SF Bay Guardian Best of the Bay Awards 2007. Pizza and chinese food eat your heart out!

"The natural-birth resurgence of the '70s gestated, was delivered, and suckled right here in the Bay Area. After 30 years the movement has grown into a well-respected alternative to highly medicated and medicalized birth. While local hospitals have cesarean rates as high as 25 percent and give epidural anesthesia to 70 percent or more of their patients, planned home births with licensed midwives are consistently associated with fewer medical interventions and have been shown to be as safe as hospital births. For families who prefer to give birth in the safety and comfort of their homes, the staff of the Bay Area Homebirth Collective offer childbirth preparation classes, labor assistance, and midwifery care to women in every corner of the Bay Area. The members of the collective come from diverse backgrounds, and all are experienced, licensed, and committed advocates of natural birth. Just as good: they won't make you wear one of those tiny peekaboo paper gowns." Click here for the Best of the Bay Awards online.

Thank you Bay Area!


Anonymous said...

Woooooohoooo! Looks who's Mrs. Blogger! Congrats on the award!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Wise women! I always knew you were a visionary!