Monday, February 18, 2008

Sarah and Zig

Sarah and Zig are much bigger it seems
77 days to go
Imbolc- Feb 2nd has come and gone
We are dedicated to our new life
filled with purple, green, and rainbow possibilities

Tying up the loose ends of our old life
testing our focus and commitment to a stress-free living
Dark Moon, Solar eclipse in Aquarius (Feb 6th) encourage
"Radical Door Shutting" burning up fears
We are capable of limitless acceptance and joy!

On the verge of becoming...a family
The funnel of birth is imminent
We call in special people to hold the birth place magick in our home by the sea
Sarah's Dad Spencer to lay a foundation of safety.
Sarah's Mom Maureen to make the most delicious Macaroni ever tasted.
Sarah's sister Aimee to make us laugh so hard we dribble.
Doula Sarah Jane to help Sarah's body relax and witness.
Midwife Maria to safeguard our health and catch.
Todd to hold and guide his loves through the eye of the light.
Sarah to open the door.
Zig to come claim her life.
And a Priestess to pray for all of us.

We are holding a vision of a relaxed, cozy feeling surrounding Ziggy
especially on her first day on earth
pleasant surprises are welcome
to mingle with the trusted sources of goodness,
a welcome greeting for our miracle.

Thank you for all the ways you support us, inspire us and make us laugh.

Big Kisses,
Sarah, Ziggy & Todd

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