Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More on Aradia!

Aradia Zorah Snyderman

literally from the latin "ara" emanating from "dia" goddess
Queen of the Witches
Daughter of Diana
Represented the Moon
In Strega folklore, she came to earth to teach Diana's Magick to the witches, the poor and the dispossesed

We wanted her her initials to be A Z, so she could be anything she wanted to be Alpha to Omega, the whole spectrum of choices. There are many variations of this name:
Hebrew: she shines
Slavic: aurora, dawn
Arabic: The blooming, and the planet Venus, which governs Taurus the bull

We agreed years ago that if we conceived a girl, she would get Todd's last name Snyderman. If we conceived a boy, he would get Sarah's last name Cohen.
Fate decided to bless us with a girl, so her last name is Snyderman.

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