Thursday, August 21, 2008

Birthing is like Beach Volleyball

Or at least the training part! Misty May-Treanor and Kerry Walsh defended their gold medal last night in Beach Volleyball. Their coach told them to follow the 3 B's: Battling, Believing and Breathing! Now that sounds familiar. I have recently had a number of clients take on birth like an athletic event and be incredibly successful. They reframed the work of labor into an athletic feat that they knew they could accomplish. With great determination and strength, their babies were born into the world. The Battling is symbolic of our fight against the American (obstetrical) way of birth, as women reclaim their power and triumphantly succeed.
Go Women!

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I have always loved the childbirth as athletic event analogy. There are so many similarities.

People say, "yes, but you have the choice to stop running or riding in sports." When you're an athlete, you just don't drop out of the race, especially when the end is so close!