Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fruits of a Labor Day

Dearest friends and family---

We are overjoyed to announce the arrival of our son, born at 4:38 pm on Labor Day, September 1, 2008. His name will be announced later this week at his Bris. Ben caught him and laid him on Mikaela’s chest and our boy announced himself with a scream the precise pitch and volume of a jet engine.

We are convinced he chose Labor Day to honor us, his parents, since it was Labor Day three years ago that we first met. Clearly he is a genius. This belief binds us to a chain, back through the generations, of parents sure that their child is the most brilliant, exceptional and thoughtful child ever born. Seeing fit to have Mikaela in labor for 44 hours and wrapping it all up on Labor Day, a holiday, also demonstrates a promising sense of humor.

We will be forever grateful to have brought him into the world at home, surrounded by all of the gifts and memories of friends and family. We are profoundly indebted to our gifted midwife Maria Iorillo who gave us complete confidence not just in her, but in our ability to do this.

In the blur of days since, we have been completely and endlessly fascinated by his every squeak and twitch and we are delighting in the perpetual twilight of early parenting, when night is day and day is night and the only a measure of time is how long he sleeps and when he needs to eat. The golden moments have been filled with the smiles of his grandparents, the generosity of family and community, and a whole lot of diaper-changing.
We have created a blog and have posted a bunch of photos of his early days. We will continue to post pictures and write some updates - as often as nursing, burping, diapering and jiggling allow- for those of you interested in coming along with us for the adventure.

The address is

Much love to you all,

Ben, Mikaela and the little one

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