Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Midwives Alliance Board meetings -- Day 3

The Midwives Alliance is one of the most vibrant women's organizations in this country. We are growing and evolving very quickly. This year, in Michigan, we are having our 25th conference. In some ways, we are still a very young organization. Midwifery has that unique distinction of being old and new at the same time. Are we the tradition or the alternative? A recent TV show mentioned a "good, old-fashioned, hospital birth." So, home birth is the new, cutting edge thing. It just takes time before the new way will take greater hold and women will have more options in childbirth. For now, home births represent just shy of 1% of the births in the US. My goal is to reach 2%. Together we can reach that goal.
The Midwives Alliance is constantly asking the question of who we are and how we can serve our membership. The more we hear from you, the more you get involved, the more good that we can do for women and babies in North America. To join The Midwives Alliance, go to www.mana.org. You can join as a midwife, a student, a supporter, or simply make a donation. Come join one of the most exciting organizations for women!

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