Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Guest Blogger: Kelly Kilpatrick

Kelly has written an article on Natural Childbirth for Women in Charge. Sit back and enjoy!

Childbirth – The Natural Way is the Best Way

There’s nothing in the world that’s more natural than childbirth, so it’s a more than a little ironic that we’re talking of learning how to give birth naturally. The advent of medicine and technology has made us so dependent on drugs to deal with pain of any kind that we’ve taken to using it for childbirth too. Research has proven that births without painkilling drugs and epidurals of any kind are the best kind, because the baby is born more alert and the mother is also more refreshed and in tune with her child. If you’re pregnant and want to deliver your baby naturally, here’s what you can do to make your task easier:

• Choose a good place: You need to decide if you’re going to have your baby at the hospital or at home. If it’s the latter, you need to be prepared to deal with any kind of emergency or at least be able to get to the nearest hospital in time to prevent any untoward complications relating to the birth.
• Childbirth classes help: You’ll learn how to cope with the pain and pick up relaxation and breathing techniques that help minimize your discomfort.
• Gather a support group: If you’re planning to have the baby at home, you’ll want supportive people around you, one of whom must be a qualified midwife who can guide you through the birth, and in case of any complications, suggest that you move to a hospital to prevent any untoward occurrences.
• Get familiar with birthing positions: Natural childbirth is easy when you’re in the right position, so learn all you can about the right positions that both ease your pain and help the baby move along your birth canal.
• Learn about water births and hydrotherapy: The women who’ve tried it swear by it – giving birth in water is supposed to be the easiest and most natural way to deliver your child. The lapping warm water soothes your body and eases the passage of your baby through your birth canal. Since the baby is surrounded by fluid in your uterus, it feels more comfortable when it comes out in water as opposed to air. If you’re planning to give birth in water, get someone who knows the procedure to assist you during the delivery.
• Learn how to relax: There are various techniques that help you relax once your water has broken and your contractions start to set in. Choose the method that works best for you and learn to relax before the birth. If you’re tense or anxious, it’s bad for the natural birth process. Use birth balls, music, different positions, walking, massage – anything that works for you.
• Read up on the subject: I know they say that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but it’s best to be as prepared and informed as possible when you’re getting ready to deliver your baby naturally. Reading about natural childbirth and talking to people who’ve done it will help you learn more and be better prepared when the big day comes.

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Anonymous said...

Great post! I would add: hire a doula. A doula can offer a wealth of support not only during labor but prenatally and postpartum.