Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cudos to Courtney!

Yay Courtney for bringing 3-100 pound bags of donated items to Haiti! We should arrive in Port Au Prince on Saturday morning if all goes as planned. Courtney has packed 100 pairs of shoes, 40 newborn blankets, formula and diapers for the orphans at the Azile, a volley ball net for the girls at Maison Fortune, over the counter meds, lots of toothbrushes, kid and baby clothes, a couple of hacky sacs and an Uno deck! Yee ha, you go girl, Courtney!

For those of you interested in details about the state of midwifery in Haiti, here is UNFPA's most recent report:

In the mean time, I say goodbye to my nephews:




as I prepare for the trip to Miami tomorrow.

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