Friday, January 23, 2009

Marshmallow White House

Does this really have to do with birth? I told my friends I would put up the White House on my blog. So here it is, the elves left this for us on Christmas Day. Gotta love those elves. But, I can relate it to birth. Just give me a second.
The creation of a new White House has brought a moment of opportunity for all of us who care for moms and babies. I will be working this year (and the next 3) to get our message heard. President Obama encourages participatory government which means that they are listening and want us to join the dialog. Hope and change are in the air.
(How was that?)


Christy Tashjian said...

Those elves sure are imaginative and creative! I wonder how long that took them to make?

Earthscape Farm said...

Hey Maria! I love the marshmallow white house! I finally got a blog going, but about the FARM instead of midwifery :-).

I do have a blogstyle midwifery website that I've learned to do on my own since January -
so your MANA class really helped me out in multiple ways. Thanks a lot!!
Patrice Bobier