Sunday, January 18, 2009

Maternity Care Reform in America

Please join the Midwives Alliance in helping to spread the word and join the conversations about Maternity Care Reform in America. Send this link to all that you know, especially educators, law makers, movers and shakers, mamas and papas who are willing to join in our movement.

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Capri said...

I sought out a midwife/homebirth after the debacle I experienced in hospital 1973, from the humiliation of being shaved, enema, & anybody who walked in sticking a finger in me randomly, episiotomy, forceps, husbands stitch, uninformed circumcision, then told I couldn't have a baby over 7lbs. naturally. My son was bruised & 7lbs.3oz. 19".My entire pelvic floor was painful for weeks. I swear, my son has a form of autism. I even took him for cognitive testing when he was 4 (my idea) & they said he was normal. I truly believe that epidural causes this HUGE seemingly new autism diagnosis that is now advertised as "Autism Awareness". I had my daughter in 1978 at home as my midwife's first client, she was 10lbs 51/2oz. She had been stuck under my pubic bone at her shoulder but the asst. midwife & dad pushed on me & out she came. Then in 1984, I had my son, an 8lb footling breech, at home as the midwife had the EMTs back off & she she showed how it was done. They are my heroes. Doctors suck in my opinion. In every time I have trusted a dr. with something important I have been injured or left to fend for myself after mistreatment. The healthcare reform & lawsuit reform has to be to stop protecting these butchers from prosecution & to stop allowing commit mal-practice without fear of retribution from their victims. And to stop insurance companies from grabbing any awards from the injured party - a clause hidden under "Rights of Subrogation" in health insurance policies.