Sunday, August 2, 2015

Nou la nan Hinche!

Arriving on the weekend has afforded us the opportunity to "hang out" with our Haitian friends while we gear up for a busy week ahead. The girls at the orphanage have easily fallen into a common love fest with us. We hang out on our porch and speak to each other in English, Creole and the universal language of hugs and cuddles. Last night we met the newest girls at the orphanage, 3 to 5 year olds, who are all about the lap time.

This morning we awoke to our first medical adventure, Haiti-style. One of the sweet 3-year-olds, Jenica, received 3rd degree burns on her leg and arm from the open air cooking fire. I heard a commotion in the morning as all the girls ran to the kitchen. Seeing Veronique, the house mother, carrying the little one, I wasn't sure what was going on. Later she came to us and said that the girl had been burned. Although the burns were small, the largest one being only 3cm by 1cm, it was deep and definitely 3rd degree. 2 other areas on her arm were sheered of skin. When I arrived, she was weeping, face down on the bed, to allow the back of her leg to be exposed. The house mothers were worried. Cyclically, she would cry out in pain.

For 4 years, I have carried burn gel and 2nd skin burn bandages in my bag just in case one of us got hurt. I ran to our dorm room across the way, calling to Norrell along the way to get dressed and come see. Together we dressed the wounds with burn gel and cetocaine gel and 2nd skin. Norrell went off to the hospital to talk with the doctors there, returning with antibiotics, burn ointment and liquid tylenol. By mid morning, she was up with the girls, sitting quietly with a Dum Dum in her mouth.

We spent the afternoon at the Azil, Mother Theresa's orphanage, in the middle of Hinche. The girls instantly fell in love with the babies and toddlers, planning on their return for the rest of the week.

Motos and mosquitos and many moments of joyful connections. Tomorrow we begin our work at the hospital.

Here are photos from our day:

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