Saturday, August 1, 2015

We are here, we are here, we are here!!!

Having left San Francisco at 4:30am on Friday, we are now sweating away at the Midwives for Haiti house in Hinche on Saturday evening. Here is what we have done so far:

Successfully transported 500 pounds of donated clothes, shoes, sneakers, medicines, medical equipment, volleyballs, nets and team T-shirts. Other fun essentials for the orphanage include nail polish, a Table Tennis set, backpacks, crafts supplies and 180 photos from our previous trip to give to the girls.

Met Ronell, our driver, and travelled the 3 hours that it takes to traverse the 75 miles up and over the the mountains to the Central Plateau

Arrived at Maison Fortune and hugged all the girls that we have missed so much: Joska, Marilande, Betchilove, Ani, Neslande, Salanta, Michou, Menoushka, Astride, Marilise, Barbara, Marie Denise, and on and on.....

Had lunch at a Haitian restaurant with the founder of Maison Fortune, Jean Louis. First Haitian food for Dr. Norrell and her daughter, Eva

Took our first moto rides of the season: 3 motorcycles carrying the 5 of us from the orphanage to the Midwives for Haiti house --woo hoo! What's not to like?

Chatted with the lovely coordinators at the MFH house about our busy week ahead.

The plan is to blog daily about our adventures. Here we go!!!!

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