Sunday, July 23, 2017

Haiti - We are here!

It took us two days to get here, but no time at all to fall in love with Haiti all over again. It is hot and sweaty and dusty and we love it! Having skipped last years trip due to the Zika virus, we haven't seen our friends in two years. The girls at Maison Fortune have grown older and 20 new girls have been embraced into the fold. That leaves the count at 84 girls at the orphanage. We have clothes and shoes and lollipops and band-aids. Soap and hair bands and underwear. Ti-flashes for our traditional party with them on the day before we leave (a ti-flash is a small flashlight). Viola and Eva took their Kreyol class today and sorted mounds of donated items. We made baby packs, and got a tour of downtown Hinche after Mass. We saw Miss Genette and Miss Philomene. Tomorrow I work in the hospital and a new postpartum home visit program.
We are here!

Maria passes out photos of the girls that we took from our last visit

Viola greets Miss Genette

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