Sunday, August 22, 2010

50 years!

Yesterday, we celebrated Dina's parents' 50th wedding anniversary with a big shindig in Port Jeff. My mom and dad came down from Rye with Viola and Mary. There were about 70 people there with music and food and a good time had by all. Dina's parents are in love after 50 years of marriage. They renewed their vows and Walter kissed his "gorgeous bride."
This was our last big event before we leave for Haiti. Today is being spent registering online with the State Department, packing up, making copies of passports and tying up loose ends. We can only bring 75 pounds of stuff each, so I hope we are not over limit. By tomorrow evening, we will be in Miami, hopefully drinking a cool one on the beach before our 12 days without easy water and air-conditioning.

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