Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Day in Hinche

Our second night shift in the Hinche hospital produced 4 healthy and alive babies. Three girls and one boy. What gratitude for a good night. I showed the midwives my suturing technique on a young 17 year old girl who had the only boy of the evening. Most women here do not tear, so I think the midwives don't get a lot of experience suturing. We also dealt with a grand multip (this was her 7th baby) who had a postpartum hemorrhage. This is my personal developing world nightmare. I placed the cytotec, which has been life-saving here and globally. I also helped the midwife set up the IV, placing the catheter for her and demonstrating an easier way than what she was attempting. This woman only received IV pitocin because her husband went to the pharmacy and purchased the tubing and fluids. Correcting the injustice that these women have to buy these life-saving medications before they will receive them is one of the personal missions that I am willing to take on.

All in all, we had a good night at the hospital. We walked home in the morning at about 6:30am, hearing the high voices of the church choirs practicing already.

Here are some photos from Hinche:
Esther was with us on our first night at the hospital as well. She is quickly becoming one of my favorite midwives. She is already asking us if we can stay longer.

A little girl that we met when we were walking home from the store
There was a soccer game at the orphanage complete with uniforms and a coach. Meanwhile some other boys played music on the sidelines throughtout the game. Mostly drumming, the leader was singing and using a ukelele as a percussive instrument.
These boys preferred watching the musicians to the soccer game!
Without electricity, this woman uses a match to find a Coke in her "cooler" at her corner store.

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